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Browser addon problem in wikipedia edit for "spacebefore"

I have a rule that detects no space before long dash and it works good in most environments.
But if I go to the wikipedia page with   before the m-dash (e.g. this one) it highlights it as an error (spacebefore=“yes” fails).
If I copy/paste the text and check it somewhere else there’s no error and text has U+00A0 before m-dash).
Unfortunately I can’t see what exactly the plugin sends for the check.

In Firefox, you can use about:debugging -> this Firefox -> “Inspect” at LanguageTool. You should then get a network tab for debugging. In Chrome it’s chrome://extensions/, then the “background page” link (only shown with developer mode activated).

ok, it looks like plugin eats up the  , here’s what I see
Туреччини — Стамбул —
here’s what is sent: