[bug report] character "+" not recognized for user ID

Hi there,

I subscribed to LanguageTool service using an email address which containted the character "+"¹. It seems that the integration of LanguageTool whithin LibreOffice does not support the usage of this character, as when I used another email without it containing the “+” character, LanguageTool was working perfectly.

I hope you’ll find the time to fix this issue.

¹ yes it is valid.

Thanks for the report. I assume you’re referring to this integration, aren’t you?

If so, it would be great if you could open an issue at LibreOffice, as this is LO code that was not developed by the LT team.

Yes, I refer to this bit of integration within LibreOffice.
But it’s weird, I was redirected to this forum when I submitted a ticket to LanguageTool. ("So if there is a specific problem in the integration, please contact our community forum directly to reach the developer: https://forum.languagetool.org/ "). I guess there is a communication issue somewhere.

Reported: 158117 – LanguageTool integration: "+" character not recognized for the user ID