[Bug] Weird behaviour of LanguageTool add-on in Kaggle comment field

So, I tried asking about it in Kaggle community, but they suggested that I should sent a bug report to you first.

Bug report

  1. [Summary of problem] When using LanguageTool add-on on Kaggle some corrections don’t work. I.e. adding missing comma, inserts a space instead. Replacing words or typos doesn’t work at all, or repeats the word partially.
  2. [Steps to reproduce]
  • Install Firefox 115.0+.
  • Install LanguageTool extension.
  • Create an account on Kaggle
  • Write comment with wrong grammar in Kaggle Discussion
  • Use LanguageTool to correct it.
  1. [Expected behavior] Errors in text should be replaced correctly, missing commas inserted etc.

I just gave it a try (Firefox 128.0b6), but I couldn’t reproduce the issue. Could you please send a link to a page where this happens and let us know which version of the extension you use?

I have:
LanguageTool: Version 8.9.1
This problem appeared on any discussion, i.e. https://www.kaggle.com/discussions/general/514583 without the need of actually posting anything. But now I’m lost, as I can’t always reproduce it.

After some testing: copying string "Garblerd words " (including spaces) into the comment edit field, then clicking on Garblerd to correct it, changes it into Garbler instead of Garbled. Interesting thing, if you select the whole word before clicking on it, correction works as intended.

Thanks for the detailed description, I can reproduce the issue now. I’ll let the dev team know.

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