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Build n-gram for a new language

Hi everyone,
I’m a student from Vietnam. I’m trying to use LT to check spelling for Vietnamese.
My current result is like that.

Now, I can detect a word is error if it doesn’t exit in my dictionary.
I also have a file grammar.xml for Vietnamese contains >700 rules.
Next, I want to use n-gram to detect real-word error. I mean grammar errors. I tried n-grams to detect error for English like this.
But I can’t find anywhere have n-grams for my language. Anyone can tell me where I can download or how I can make n-grams for Vietnamese like en, de, fr, es. Which is supported by LT.

Finally, I’m so sorry for my bad english.

Thanks a lot for you help.


You will either need a huge amount of text to create the ngrams yourself. Or it might be easier to look for existing ngram sets. You might want to contact universities with linguistic research. A Google search for vietnamese ngram also gets you some results.

Dear Daniel,
Thanks a lot for your suggestion. But I still wonder how LT read my ngram set, have any requires about ngram sets. I mean the structure of ngram so it can be used by LanguageTool.
Here is what I see in 3grams directory

It’s a Lucene index with a simple structure, one document per ngram. The ngram field is called ngram, the occurrence count field is called count. There’s also a document with a field totalTokenCount that contains the total token count. You should be able to open the index and look inside using

Thank you very much. You helped me so lots.

Hi Daniel,

Now, I have a huge amount of text. (~2GB)
I saw a reply of you on the discussion below: En n-gram data

It means I can use Lucene 5.2.1 to create the index, doesn’t it?
By the way, can you tell me next step to create the ngrams myself.

Thanks a lots.

Please see

Thank you :relaxed: