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Callback function for pattern rules loaded from grammar.xml

I have an abstract ExtendedEnglishRule extends EnglishRule class that serves as a base class to all Extended-English rules.

This abstract class calls “onRuleMatch()” of a given ExtendedEnglishRuleListener that gets registered at startup:

public RuleMatch[] match(AnalyzedSentence sentence) throws IOException {		
	DatasheetRuleMatch[] extendedRuleMatches = doMatch(sentence);		
	for(DatasheetRuleMatch extendedRuleMatch : extendedRuleMatches) {
	return extendedRuleMatches;

These rules are getting added by the language e.g.:

	rules.add(new ContainsNumbersMainTextRule(this.getExtendedEnglishRuleListener()));
	rules.add(new DeterminativeRule(this.getExtendedEnglishRuleListener()));

So there is no problem in having such a callback at this point.

My question is if there is also a way to have a callback-function for rules that come from grammar.xml files? What I need is some kind of notification as one of the given rules from a grammar.xml file has been matched. Is that possible?

Please let me know if what I am doing is horrible because I am not sure if I am supposed to “use” LanguageTool like the way I am using it here.

The reason for my listener up there is to be able to have context-based decisions and the possibility to enable/disable rules on each sentence and based on proprietary POS-tags.

PS: One thing I was thinking of was extending the class PatternRule but the function “match()” for example is final therefore I cannot override “match()” and do the same as for EnglishRule like above.

We don’t use the concept of callbacks anywhere in LT (except the GUI code), so to add this for PatternRule you’d probably have to modify the code. But I still didn’t quite understand your use case: if you have different rules for different parts of your text, why don’t you just split the text and feed in into LT in several steps, with different rules activated?