Can I detach languagetool core from gui?

Hi, I’m Korean student who have been studying programming under university. For graduation report, I’ve made Korean version of Language Tool . I mean, I had added language and some specific rules to LT. And I checked that it worked well.

But nowadays, for some reasons, I need to detach languagetool core from GUI. Which means, Can I launch the program without GUI? I had tried to understand source codes on Git hub about LT, but I failed .

I want to know how detach the core from gui and use it with hiding the core to other program. Like I want LT to get input sentence from Eclipse’s console window and to print the result on the Eclipse’s console window.
For more detail, I want to know the connection between Languagetool-standalone’s gui and LT core. How the file,, works? I guessed the used through the and, but I couldn’t fully understand and had problem to detach it.

Can you guys help me ? I need you guys help ASAP…

There are several ways to use LT, and the GUI is only one of them. The “most direct” way is via Java API, which is documented at Java API - LanguageTool Wiki, including an example.

Why not make you and your university project more visible, and, therefore, more useful, and make a pull request to LT.
This way the general public will have an easier time benefiting from your project, which is something that is suppose to fit academic goals.