Can I hack the chrome extension publish new one to chrome store?

Hi folks. I know that both the chrome extension and firefox add-on are closed-source currently we there are only released artifacts available.

The languagetools has an excellent frontend tool on chrome and I would like to develop an application to do something like that to help people identify changes/differences between two versions of text and choose which one to pick up to do a merge. Reusing the languagetool’s chrome frontend is quite a promising option.

I would like to know if there are any developer program/plan where I can access the source as a library (minified javascript plus a typescript’s API declaration file should be enough)?

Or, is there any legal/license issue if I develop such an (open-source and non-profit) chrome extension by hacking into the compressed and minified js artifacts of languagetool’s extension?


I’m not sure, that sounds like a totally different use case compared to what LT does. In any way, the source code isn’t available. It’s not clear what you mean by “hacking into”, but it is, for example, not allowed to modify the LT code and re-publish it.