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Can I use a customized ignore word list from outside directories?

Since I am using LanguageTool with TeXStudio and other editors with their own spell-checker tools for most cases, is there any way to redirect the ignore.txt under the hunspell directory only for LanguageTool to my own dictionary en_US.ign file shared with other editors? If this works, I think it’s much easier to centralize dictionary expansion with other spell-checker tools.


The easiest solution might be to replace the ignore.txt file in LT with a link to the common ignore file (but I haven’t tested this).

Sorry, I thought a softlink works onlly in Linux, but I just found it also works using Windows 10.

A side question which I should try on my own, but… If I add new words on the TeXstudio en_US.ign ignore list, would that be updated to LanguageTool as well on the fly? I know if I add word there from LanguageTool, then TeXstudio doesn’t recogonize it and will remove it when TeXstudio was closed. Thanks.

No, LT will only load that list at start (or when it’s used the first time).