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Can I use a customized ignore word list from outside directories?

(Xiaodong Qi) #1

Since I am using LanguageTool with TeXStudio and other editors with their own spell-checker tools for most cases, is there any way to redirect the ignore.txt under the hunspell directory only for LanguageTool to my own dictionary en_US.ign file shared with other editors? If this works, I think it’s much easier to centralize dictionary expansion with other spell-checker tools.


(Daniel Naber) #2

The easiest solution might be to replace the ignore.txt file in LT with a link to the common ignore file (but I haven’t tested this).

(Xiaodong Qi) #3

Sorry, I thought a softlink works onlly in Linux, but I just found it also works using Windows 10.

A side question which I should try on my own, but… If I add new words on the TeXstudio en_US.ign ignore list, would that be updated to LanguageTool as well on the fly? I know if I add word there from LanguageTool, then TeXstudio doesn’t recogonize it and will remove it when TeXstudio was closed. Thanks.

(Daniel Naber) #4

No, LT will only load that list at start (or when it’s used the first time).