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Can LanguageTool Premium detect overused words?

I am looking to detect word repetition and overused words (when a guy uses the same word over and over in same paragraph or sentence) as a rule.

Is this possible with LT?

There’s currently no detection for that, at least not in the way you want. These are the repetitions rules for English:

There is also a specific one for Dutch, checking repeat of ‘en’ within a sentence.

Thanks. How can we get those repeat rules to work in spanish?

Simple word repetition seems to be detected for Spanish already. For “a b a b” style repetition, the English rule could maybe adapted, i.e. writing a new XML rule is required. You can find the rule at when clicking on “Show XML”. The rule syntax is documented at, even though only a fraction of that is needed for this rule. Any contributions are very welcome!

I think what Rodrigo is asking for goes beyond one or two words repetition. It goes across sentences or even paragraphs. To me, this looks like a refined style rule and XML will not suffice. Maybe a Java rule counting words may do.

So see this spanish sentence

“Elige el producto que quieres comprar y asegúrate de elegir detalles importantes. Por ejemplo, en el caso de la ropa, elegir la talla.”

The word “elige, elegir” which is really the same, is used 3 times in the same sentence. Can we detect it with LanguageTool, somehow?

Yes, but a rule would need to be written in Java for that. The tricky part is often to avoid false alarms, as there might be words where it’s okay to have them repeated. So testing such a rule with lots of texts is recommended.

Agreed, but the idea is that LT works as an alert, which is enough to notice the issue, or to approve it!