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Can LT fix apostrophes and quotation marks

Could you get LT to work to correct apostrophes to their correct forms:

  • Give the option to correct 's to ’s, e.g. Bob’s → Bob’s.
  • Give the option to correct s’ to s’, e.g. workers’ → workers’.
  • Correct ’ in contractions to ’, e.g. don’t → don’t.
  • Correct single quotation marks from ‘this’ → ‘this’.
  • correct double quotation marks from “this” → “this”.
  • etc.


Hi @Paulwith!

Thank you for your feedback! I agree—that’s an important functionality. We are currently working on a definitive solution for both: Users who need proper typography and those who don’t want to be bothered by underlines under every quote and apostrophe :sweat_smile:

Hang in there, it’s only a matter of time :slight_smile: