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Cannot load the service


Hi ,

I followed the instructions but Im getting this error, when im trying to click the button it only loads and no response.

heres the url


(Daniel Naber) #2

Calling directly with the browser also leads to an error. However, this is not something we can debug from outside. Please follow the instructions in that page or contact your web hosting provider for help.


I managed the external error , now the remaining error is uncaught referror: _paq not define.

if (request.responseText.substr(0, 6) == ‘Error:’)
// the simple proxy turns code 500 responses into code 200 responses, but lets handle at least this error case:

" + request.responseText + “
var partialErrorMessage = request.responseText.substr(0, 50);
if (_paq) {
_paq.push([‘trackEvent’, ‘CheckError’, ‘ErrorFromProxy’, partialErrorMessage]); // Piwik tracking

(Daniel Naber) #4

I’ve made a change to the Javascript and it now seems to work. There’s now another problem as the proxy returns cannot connect to host. Unless you have made changes to proxy.php, this means it cannot access on port 8081. You’ll need to check for a firewall that prevents these accesses or ask your web hosting provider for help again.


Hi thanks, my hosting opened port 8081.And its works. Now may i ask if i can show the ‘text results’ to my custom page like modal page?


(Daniel Naber) #6

There’s no option to show the results in a modal dialog, so this is something you’d need to develop yourself.


Thanks for the help.