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Can't enable a rule that's off by default

I have an experimental rule in Ukrainian (UK_ADJ_NOUN_INFLECTION_AGREEMENT) that I used to be able to turn on via API (by adding &enabledRules:“UK_ADJ_NOUN_INFLECTION_AGREEMENT”). This does not seem to work any more.
I also tried -e UK_ADJ_NOUN_INFLECTION_AGREEMENT for commandline tools and it didn’t work either.
I wonder if it’s related to

Does this option work for anybody?


Tested it now with the latest build and I can confirm.
In the LibreOffice plugin it works as expected but on LT standalone application, all rules appear as active.

PS - The only rule I notice disabled is a Java rule for long sentences. Not sure if it is old settings related. I know that in LO the settings are not purged between reinstalls.

This seems to be working for me now with latest code (I can enable a rule via REST API), not sure if somethings has been changed or I was doing something wrong before.