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Can't find LanguageTool settings in LibreOffice

The stand-alone LanguageTool GUI provides various settings, such as

  • rules to apply,
  • mother tongue for false friends detection or
  • path to n-gram data.

In LibreOffice I cannot find any way to access these settings. Neither via Extras -> Options, nor via Extras -> Extension Manager. Clicking on the LanguageTool extension in the extension manager, the Options button remains greyed out.

How can LanguageTool be configured in LibreOffice?

In OpenOffice it’s in the spellchecker menu. Try there.

Any hint where to look for a spellchecker menu? Neither the interactive spellchecker nor menu Extras -> Options -> Language settings seems to provide a way to access LanguageTool settings.

In OpenOffice the spellchecker uses the first portion of the Extras menu for itself and LangaugeTool places itself as a sub-menu within that portion. I was guessing it would be the same with LibreOffice.

The options of LT can be found here (LibreOffice 5.0):

Thank you both! I can see it now.

However, I’d swear the whole LanguageTool menu wasn’t there before. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce that again. I’ve just had a blue screen which reset several LibreOffice settings. And now it’s there. I’ll report back if I ever manage to reproduce this again.

OpenOffice allows you to customize the menus. Maybe someone had done the same with your copy of LibreOffice?

This is quite a fresh LibreOffice installation that I manage myself. So I have no idea what could have been wrong. Trying to reproduce the issue would mean to deinstall LibreOffice, remove all LibreOffice profile data and reinstall LibreOffice again. I can do that, but not within the next days. FTR, this is LibreOffice (x64) with LanguageTool 3.6 on Windows 7 (x64).