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Can't open LT on desktop

I’ve downloaded the program but can’t get it to open on Windows 10

Do you have Java 8 installed? If so, what exactly happens when your try to start LT?

No, I don’t have Java 8. It opens to various files but not the software.

You’ll need to install Java 9 first from the link above, LT cannot work without it.

I’ve downloaded Java but Word doc opens in LT as unreadable jumble

Word doc opens if I copy and paste the text in the window! This is OK for short pieces but for several pages of tex,t I shouldn’t I be able to open the Word doc in the window?

Word format is not supported. Other formats aren’t supported either, only plain text. You could try instead, but it has several limitations.

You could also download LibreOffice and the LT extension for LibreOffice. AFAIK LibreOffice Writer supports MS Word format.

Thanks - I’ve given up on LT and found another checker that’s easier to download and use.