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Capital words no detected by language tool (Java)

I am trying to check but it is bypassing Capital words. For ex, if I write “We should go OUUT for lunch”. Then it is not throwing error. If I write “We should go ouut for lunch”, then I am receiving the error.


there are many abbreviations that do not separate the individual letters (EG: TV, DVD, LCD)
Most spell checkers simply assume it’s an abbreviation when only capital letters are used.
So if you need a word to be fully capitalized then you should first type it normally and after that use you word processor’s capitalization function. (It’s how I do it)

addendum: the mistyping could also produce a (perhaps non-standard) roman numeral.

To change the behavior, you could add fsa.dict.speller.ignore-all-uppercase=false to (or etc.)

another reason not to test all-capital words: ‘loud’ onomatopoeia.
when onomatopoeia are used to represent sound instead of the act of making sound the spelling is not that important, and in that case ‘spelling’ can actually prevent it from fully conveying the information contained in the sound it represents (EG: ‘VRRRRVRRRRVRRRROOOOOOOM’ to represent a car that has a little trouble starting up, or “QUAAAAUAAAUAAACK!” for a duck in distress)