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Change language of JSON response

hi… I’m using a standalone server for langtool and posting text to:


The responses are coming back great.

One thing… If the responses come back in the language of the string.

Can it be changed so for example the String is in Spanish… But the Message returned is in English?

For example:

El presente de indicativo primera persona del verbo saber es “sé”.

Would be returned as:

The present indicative first person conjugation of the verb saber is “sé”.

This might be hard I know.

Alternatively if the output could be delimited I could use machine translation if the sentence was output

El presente de indicativo primera persona del verbo “saber” es “sé”.

(i.e. Nothing within "s to be translated)

Or there were more Nodes added to the JSON response.

Great project anyway! Thanks

Yes, that’s the way LT works, and there’s no setting to change that, sorry.

Thanks for the quick response!

Maybe something to consider for a future version?

What file in the github repo holds the logic for the output strings?

Really I only need to put quotes around the “saber” and can then use MT to do the rest.

There’s no single file, the strings come both from grammar.xml and Java code.