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Check for single word in text


I want to know if the text contains single valid word or not, is there a rule for this which will tell me if the text contains single word & if it is valid


Hi Gauri, as a developer, you can use only the spell checker rule as documented here: As a user, you can also turn on only the spell checker rule, e.g. with the -eo -r XYZ options on the command line, XYZ needs to be the internal id of the spell rule. What language are you working with? For example, for English the name is MORFOLOGIK_RULE_EN_US.

thanks a lot Daniel for Reply ! I want to detect the language too.

Now, am trying to integrate the language tool using HTTP server instead of command line mode as i do not need to create file in this case

I want to check if the word am passing is valid or not, how should i pass options like “-u” which checks if the word is unknown to the language tool, the options that are available when i use it in command line mode with commandline.jar

The -u option is not supported via the HTTP API, but it’s internal anyway, it has nothing to do with spell checking but it will tell you whether the word is known in LT’s internal part-of-speech dictionary (not the spell checking dictionary). The available options, e.g. activating only a specific rule (for example the spell checking rule), are documented at