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Chinese translator needed

Hi, is anybody here available to translate a few English sentence into Chinese? I need this for

Hi Daniel,

I have pro translators who are willing to help. Do you need both traditional and simplified?
They may also contribute in building a Chinese spellchecker for Langtool.


Thanks, I’ll contact you via email for details.

Are you still looking for volunteer CN translators?

We’re more looking for general contributors, i.e. people who improve our support for Chinese. That does not necessarily require programming skills, but if you’re familiar with XML and running simple commands on the command line, that can be enough. Here’s some documentation about that. If you’d like to help with that, your help would be very welcome, and we can answer questions here in the forum.

How is the progress in the Chinese dictionary?

Hey Thiago,

We started creating rules earlier this year, which Daniel kindly implemented. Then we were asked to work directly in Github, but my linguist has no technical background or time to learn how to code errors.

I believe someone else stepped in, you can refer to this thread: “Error not detected in Chinese sentence”.

We are still willing to contribute by creating and testing rules as we did in the past.


Hi Thiago,

I am an undergrad from China who applied for GSoC 2018 aimed to maintain Chinese rules and add some new features to it. You can see my proposal here.

Although I failed to be accepted as a GSoC student, I’d like to pay my effort to make LT better. After talking with dnaber, I have already begun to write codes. You can see my track in this thread. If you have any question or idea, I am glad to hear your voice there :) Chinese part development daily record

Hi Sergio and Ze Dang,

Many thanks for your inputs. All help is welcome and very needed.

If that is a problem you can post the files in the forum and I’ll commit them to GitHub repository when I get back to my development computer. Just compile a lot of rules in a file.
I have only very basic grasp (kind of tourist level) of Mandarin so I wouldn’t be able review the rules, but if Ze Dang agrees, he can review the results provided by the automated regression tests.

On another note, I believe you are Italian, right? Italian hasn’t been worked for a long time and due to its similarity with other Latin based languages, it can be improved easily and fast by localising rules to your language. This is also a technically less demanding work. I can assist if you get stuck, as long as you push work to the public.


I have been following your work and I really appreciate it. My knowledge of your language is limited but if I know something that may help you, I will certainly say something. Keep up the great work.