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Chrome add-on update

(Daniel Naber) #1

Please help test the new add-on for Chrome (Firefox will follow later):

  • uninstall existing LT add-on, if any
  • open chrome://extensions in Chrome
  • drag'n'drop the attached ZIP file into the browser window
  • test the add-on, especially the new auto-check feature (hover over the icon that appears in text areas and select the auto-check option). (459.1 KB)

(Daniel Naber) #2

This version is now available in the store - it only gets rolled out step by step, so if you have an old version installed, you might not get the update automatically yet.

(Konstantin Ladutenko) #3

Users` review page in Chrome Web Store seems to be unmaintained. Added a reply to the comment of a Russian user.

(Konstantin Ladutenko) #4

BTW, after taking the first suggestion to correct the error for several times (there is a rule loop), the plugin fails on LT Russian home page

(Daniel Naber) #5

I don't speak Russian, I can only reply to users commenting in English or German, so I rely on the community to reply to comments in other languages.

(Yakov) #6

I can not reproduce this error.
Konstantin, can you describe actions step by step?

(Konstantin Ladutenko) #7

See a short screencast video available at google drive link

(Yakov) #8

Yes, I can confirm this problem for Google Chrome and Firefox.

(Yakov) #9

But this problem does not occur if I cut and paste default text. And run LT Add-on for Chrome.

(Yakov) #10

I have reproduced this error for English.
Step to reproduce:
1. Type "Paste your own text here and click the 'Check Text' button .. Click the colored phrases for details on potential errors."
2. Press "Check text" button on LT home page.
3. Run LT Chrome add-on.
4. Try correct error "Two consecutive dots" and others.
5. An error occurs.

(Konstantin Ladutenko) #11

Does Discourse have an option to mark this thread as an unfixed bug?

(Yakov) #12