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Chrome browser extension issue

I have an issue with Language Tool Chrome browser extension (v.2.0.16).
Chrome version: 71.0.3578.98 (Mac).

Any website, any language.

For example:

I’m highlighting the text and clicking the extension button. And nothing, the extension just showing a message “Check Grammar and spelling on this site” - enabled.

The same on any another domain and any another language.

The problem appeared today after the chrome extension update. We use the extension in our team so it happened on 15 computers at the same time.

I suppose it’s connected with the latest update.

Which version did you use before? If it was a rather old version (1.x.x): that worked differently, it allowed checking selected text. The current extension checks the text you type, not the text you select. Checking selected text will be possible again in a future version.

It’s weird, because the previous version was (or something like that) and it was checking selected texts perfectly. I’m pretty sure about this, because it’s the main tool in our work (to check spellings in ready-made texts).
Is it possible to get previous version somehow? Maybe I can download it manually?

The previous version was 2.0.15, but that didn’t check selected texts either (no version since 2.0.0 did). Maybe your selections are always in a text field that you can edit?

The previous version (2.0.x) isn’t available, but the 1.x one is still at

Okay, got it. Thanks a lot for your help!