Chrome Extension: auto-detect / enable languagetool for all fields on page?

Hi there!
I’m coming to you today with a feature request for the Chrome extension:

We are using LanguageTool for writing articles/blog-posts.
We have a custom CMS with a block-based editor (similar to WordPress’ Gutenberg), where our users write text and the editor automatically splits all paragraphs into separate “blocks” (<div contenteditable="true">)

All is working perfectly when writing a new post.
However, when opening an existing post it would be really nice if we could have LanguageTool auto-detect all contenteditable fields, not just after focusing on a field

We tried writing a JavaScript snippet to focus on each contenteditable-element to trigger LanguageTool, but we figured out it needs a timeout of at least 300ms for “jumping” between them, which in sum is simply too long to be feasible

Would be really cool if you could create an option in the extension-settings that would enable this

Many thanks,
Have a great day!

We have a similar issue with another CMS. Would be good to be able to config this in the plugin

For, I cannot fully reproduce this. When I open a draft, LT does indeed not start. But as soon as I click in one paragraph, LT starts and checks all blocks in that post. I understand that’s not the case for you? Do you use or a self-hosted WordPress? Do you use any other WordPress or browser add-ons?