CKEditor 4 Plugin (Proof of Concept)

I made the TinyMCE4 plugin more modular and separated the functions from being tied down to TinyMCE4. My purpose was mostly to see if in the future TinyMCE5 comes out, how easy it would be to port. One of the issues with TinyMCE3 to 4 was pretty much the plugin breaking. With this new change it should make it possible to port things between editors and versions much easier.

As a proof of concept I did CKEdtior 4: (To note I did not map everything, just the basics to see if they work, particularly everything tied down to a dialog I did not port)

It uses same configuration parameters as TinyMCE plugin:

For now I am just leaving it here if anyone might need CKEditor 4 and might want to use it without starting from scratch. I’d estimate it would take no more than an hour or 2 to fully port but its just not my priority at the moment.