Code text check

I’d like to suggest you a possible feature, code text check, DISCARDING CODE. This means that LanguageTool will detect code and never propose editing it but will check the rest of the text as usual. This would be really useful to developers and people like me that want to help on software translation and typos correction.

When using Markdown, this should actually be the case already:

Which syntax do you use (if not Markdown)?

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I can’t tell it, I’m not an expert in code, I simply can help on translating some software files as code pieces are quite obvious so I never edit them. The syntax can be any, for me that’s irrelevant. I noticed that LanguageTool suggests correcting some punctuation on a code text that I have and that’s a code piece. This :point_down: is a test I did with a part of a code file.

As you can see, it suggests correcting quotes that are part of the code. By what I know, adding this feature would mean adding exceptions to LanguageTool detection, so any existing syntax, I suppose it’s lots to do. Unless it exists a source that has all syntax available where copying and pasting them all to exceptions, this would make it relatively easier. is meant for text editing, so it will get confused if you use it as a JSON editor or for source code. If you use Markdown, e.g. embed your code in three backticks, the code should be ignored.

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Yes, it’s a JSON, now I remember :grin:. Of course I can’t place three backticks on every code, those files have tons of code so it would be the same tons of effort. Nor at the beginning and at the end of the whole text otherwise LanguageTool would ignore everything.