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Collection of common spelling mistakes

I have a collection of common words which are spelled wrongly(key->value), no context needed. I learned how to write a Java rule or generate an XML rule file, but there must be something ready to use for this? Also, I’m looking for the simplest and most performant way to implement it.

P.S. I’m working with a binary dict that I have generated.

Hi @braincell!

That sounds intriguing. Thanks already! Would you mind giving us a taste of your collection (in the form of a few pairs)?

Have you tested whether LT detects those spelling errors already? If so: Is the first suggestion for the misspelled word often not the best one?

These two Java rules are available. The second one also works with multiwords (expressions incluing a white space).

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Hi. I forgot to mention that I’m working with a new language(Albanian) :slight_smile:, so, not that intriguing. There are many cases where ‘q’ is written instead of ‘ç’ in words. For those, I want to suggest only one correct word.

Thanks a lot. I will look into those rules.