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Common English words flagged as possible spelling mistakes

Since I’ve been using LanguageTool 5.3 desktop for Windows, I’ve noticed that some common English words, such as “mishandled”, are flagged as possible spelling mistakes. The last version I used (LanguageTool 5.3 desktop for Windows) didn’t flag them. Has there been a change in how words are flagged?

As always, thanks so much for LanguageTool. I use it every day.

We’re constantly adding words to the dictionary. But I can’t reproduce “mishandled” as being flagged, and I don’t see it was added recently. Was it the same variant of English (e.g. American English) both times?

My 4.8 and 5.3 are both using American English. 5.3 suggests “rehandled” and “unhandled” as corrections.

I must be doing something wrong. I will go back to using 4.8 until I can figure it out.