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Community sponsoring thanks to GSoC - ideas wanted

We participated in this year’s GSoC (Google Summer of Code) and as you might know, Google doesn’t just pay the students, but also pays some money to the mentors and the organisation. Most of this money is meant as a travel stipend to the mentor summit at Google, but our mentors (Jaume and Yakov) couldn’t participate. So, we have about €1800 which we can spend for community-related purposes. One idea is to sponsor community members so they can visit developer conferences, but other ideas are welcome.

If you want to be sponsored somehow, please post it here. It doesn’t need to be related to LanguageTool, but it should in some way be related to Open Source.

(I had quite some trouble actually getting the money due to issues with Payoneer, that’s why I’m only posting this now, quite some time after GSoC 2018 is over.)

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I guess Jaume and Jakov should be the ones with most rights; they deserved it.

If I’m not wrong (at least that was the case before), the money to go to the mentor’s summit is only paid by Google in case mentors actually go. So it’s not $2200, but “up to $2200 in case both mentors go to the summit”.

I’ve they’ve changed that recently, that’s great. But I just wanted to make sure there aren’t plans created for something that can’t be done later on.

In any case, congratulations for the GSoC!

Yes, this has changed, at least for this year, so we actually have the money.