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Compile error again

There is a new compile error: 'Failed to execute goal bla bla bla (get-the-git-infos) on propject languagetool-core: .git directory not found! Please specify a valid [ditGitDirectory] in your pom.xml.

Problem might be I don’t use git but SVN. Please don tell me I have to move to GIT client, because I had that one time, and all went wrong. Too difficult for me.

Could you try to delete or comment out this part from languagetool-core/pom.xml?


(Your change should not be committed.)

That makes the compiling work again, but if it is needed for the long term, I can not commit anymore.

Just commit the files you have changed except this pom.xml.

Normally I justs do a commit; svn then detects all changes. Would not know how to prevent one to be sent.
This kind if technicalilties annoy me up to the point of giving up entirely.

I guess you commit a folder, don’t you? Then I think everything below that folder will be committed. As the pom.xml is not below your Dutch files, you can maybe just commit languagetool-language-modules/nl/ to commit only your changes.

Except for the occasional changes in segmentation, which is (imho wrongly) not within the language module substructure.
But I see you decided to tie things closely with GIT.

This means the group for LT is more and more a programmers group, and less a language advice community. I had rather see it move the other way.