Compile warnings on CircleCI

There are many warnings in the compile/build, for several languages.
When I compile locally, these warnings are easy to miss, since they simply pass by, hidden by so many info lines.
I guess the other people contributing also miss those.

Could these warnings not be given a color, like yellow (yellow alert), and ‘INFO’ simply be greyed out, since it is only info…

BTW, I see some warnings are already marked yellow, but nevertheless, some are not. Example:

WARNING: 21 default=‘temp_off’ rules for Dutch, please make sure to turn on these
WARNING: rules after they have been tested (or use default=‘off’ to turn them off permanently)
WARNING: (this warning appears if there are more than 20 default=‘temp_off’ rules)
WARNING: temp_off rules by file:
WARNING: 21 in /org/languagetool/rules/nl/grammar.xml

Same applies for compile warnings for depracated api’s

*** WARNING: The Portuguese rule: QUE_ESTA_ESTAO_EM_antipattern:6[null] (POS tag), token [3], contains “SPS00_?” that is not marked as regular expression but probably is one.
5 rules tested.

WARN o.l.rules.RemoteRuleMetrics Failed to fetch result from remote rule ‘TEST_REMOTE_RULE’ - error while executing rule.
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Failing for testing purposes

It looks like the method to output warnings is different in several subprocedures.