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Completely baffled

Until today, it was okay to edit the grammar file, compile the lot and test from the stand alone version. But now, suddenly, it looks like the compilation (maven) command are not using the file in the GIT structure, but a different version, somewhere in cache maybe.

Does anyone know what is going on?

If in doubt, call mvn clean first. If that doesn’t help, please post the complete output with the error message. In general, mvn will always use the code in the current directory.

There are some references to this kind of erroneous behaviour:

mvn clean did not work. For now, i set some things aside, deleted the checked out files, and checked out again, and restored the file that should be.

Hope the nuisance is gone then. And it is.

I locally disabled a test rule, since it is in the way of the test pattern I am experimenting with locally in the process of making disambiguation rules.