Connection Refused Error

I’m using LibreOffice on a Linux Mint (Cinnamon) laptop. I have an active LanguageTool Premium account. My LO installation reports that it is using “Ubuntu” Java 11.0.19. When I enter the server information and API key into LibreOffice, I get an error: “Connection refused. Switch to internal LanguageTool application.” When I switch to the internal application, it seems to work properly, but I wonder if I’m missing something by not linking to the online server. For example, the online editor permits me to select a mode and goal, but those options are not available in the internal version. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ve read all the documentation I can find about using LanguageTool with LibreOffice on Linux, but cannot seem to find any settings that are bad. I would appreciate any help I can get. Of course, I’ll reply to this post with any additional information someone may need to help me get this set up. Thanks in advance for your consideration of this matter.

Which version of LO do you use? 7.5.4 is reported to be buggy with LT. The mode and writing goals are currently not available in LO (with neither integration).

I’m using I’m glad to know the writing goals and mode are not available in LO. While I wish they were, at least I know that I’m not missing out on anything due to a faulty connection. However, I would still like to access the online site in case there are updates that need to be installed. Thanks for your help.