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Connection refused on docker-compose


Someone can help me? I obtain : “Connection refused” with that docker-compose config:
image: erikvl87/languagetool
container_name: languagetool
- “8881:8081”

and command : curl --data “language=en-US&text=a simple test” http://mydomain:8881/v2/check

I’ve found, I was thinking --allow-origin “*” would help, but it allows only local connection. --public help when running directly but not in docker image erikvl87/languagetool

Hello @julien.quievreux,

if you still have any issues and suspect a problem in the Docker container, do not hesitate to open up an issue at the following link:

Please add as much relevant information you have to the report (e.g. proxy or other relevant infrastructure setup) so I could try to help you find a solution.

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My apologies to Erikvl87 his image is perfect. I was the one who read it wrong, the description of the image clearly explains that the port used is not that of the official documentation.

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