Contributions and effect on Premium

Is there a way to see why premium fails after an OS commit (without being able to commit for premium)?

Permission to access the premium build log is connected to the permission of accessing the premium code, so this isn’t possible, unfortunately. In your case, this is the problem (not sure if that help):

Test failure for rule HEEFT_ERVOOR_GEZORGD_PREMIUM[1] in file /org/languagetool/rules/nl/style-premium.xml (line 2731): "Dat heeft ervoor gezorgd."
Errors expected: 1
Errors found   : 0
Message: In formele tekst past hier wellicht beter: <suggestion>had tot gevolg</suggestion>.
Analyzed token readings: [/SENT_START*] Dat[dat/VNW:OND:EKV:HET*]  [ /null*] heeft[hebben/WKW:TGW:3EP]  [ /null*] ervoor[ervoor/BYW:VNW]  [ /null*] gezorgd[zorgen/WKW:VTD:ONV] .[./ITP:PNT*,./SENT_END*]
Matches: []

It might mean the rule is not correct. The postags are okay.

Thanks for letting me know.

The postag was changed, therefore it broke the rule. This has been resolved now. It would still be best to push these types of commits into a branch first.