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Cookie storage requirements

Why do 10 cookies use 2.9 megabytes of storage? (Screenshot from Firefox).

Press F12 to open Firefox Developer Tools.
Go to Storage tab.
From the left pane, expand Cookies node. Under this node you can see a list of Websites that have cookies stored on your device.
Select one Website and see its cookies on the right pane with their details. From here you can delete every individual cookie.

You will see it is mostly long keys

@Ruud_Baars, thanks, but you do not answer my question.

Usually, cookies are small (a few hundred bytes). My computer has 10 cookies from Languagetool. Why are the cookies so large?

(Aside. This post is not a complaint. It’s only a question.)

I started out using a computer with just 64K of magnetic core memory, fed by punch cards storing on a 64 K magnetic plate stack.
In those times, MB’s were ubthinkable.
Now even my phone has 64 GB.
I guess a few MB’s is not much these days. Maybe there is no real why. Just convenient to store just what you are using anyway. But someone might know.

I have a few small cookies from and Firefox still tells me they take more than 3 MB. I think Firefox adds something else when it calculates the size. How large are your cookies when you look at the individual ones?

Same here. Largest is 477, sum is 1800. Maybe Firefox is reporting physical disk usage? Small files still take a full disk block.

I do not know how to look at individual cookies.

The docs (Storage Inspector - Firefox Developer Tools | MDN) tell me I can use Storage Inspector, but I cannot find cookies in that.