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Correcting further grammar mistakes using java API

(kim dante) #1

Beginner Question:

what is the most useful file i can input in the code below that can correct this sentence
" A resistance points with multiple configurations is placed inside a system 's portion"

//langTool.activateLanguageModelRules(new File("/data/google-ngram-data"));

Or simply, how can I feed it a large text that I already have to learn from ?

(Daniel Naber) #2

I’m not sure whether I correctly understand your question. There’s no way you can feed text into LT and make it learn from it. The language model doesn’t learn, it only compares occurrences of specific word pairs, as documented here. You could of course try to come up with a better language model.

(kim dante) #3

Thank you. How about the line of code up there. What are the possible files I can put in there ? It is very confusing.

(Daniel Naber) #4

You can only use the files we provide, as documented in the wiki. If you really want to build your own ngram data, see here.