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Correction for I (ei) from small letter i

Correction for I (ei) from small letter i
In all English based dictionaries.
Is the problem manageable?
I remember some years ago
this spelling suggestion in all dictionaries
for FF and other not MS browsers,
Last one which was working properly,
in this matter, was EN-US for Firefox…
Now it seems like forgotten…
It still exists in Office packages.
But like for me it is not enough, does exist such word “i” in all English?
So it has changed the behaviour of spell checkers?

yes, it is an interlingual representation of the roman numeral I (especially when ‘I’ is already used)

A: page i. contains the ISBN and colophon, where most have them in the back.

B: the table of contents can be found in pages iv. to i.
also means the pages preceding the story-proper are counted backwards. (some books do this to make it easier to find page one of the story proper)

You are really joking nerdish way men, much there is no problem with Grammarly engine to correct it promptly, just check other sources and do some research, all was good till after 2003.

…and small letters are the weird invention for roman numbers, sic…

Stand alone letter are used a lot. That is why these are either ignored or not reported. But there must be a way LT can detect i vs I. Maybe as a ‘confusion pair?’

Since the i versus is considerably more rare, so, I think that @PitKoz has a point, despite the way he used to make it.
It can be added a rule to detect all lower case 'i’s as rare words. Something like

<pattern case_sensitive='yes'>
    <exception scope='next' regexp='yes'>[\)\:\-]</exception></token>
<message>The personal pronoun is spelled with uppercase. Do you mean <suggestion>I</suggestion>?</message>

If it makes sense, someone else submit an improved version of this, since I will be unable to do it in the next few weeks.

I will try to take a look later today.

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I have committed an extended i/I rule. It will probably be online at later today at about 22:30 CEST.


After years of no response here, I gladly, during reinstallation of system discovered that LT is working now my way, thanks a million. I completely got rid of Grammarly, it has only one more useful for not confidential writings, they save all doc you worked on with them. And i>I work well and discovering other languages is perfect, hahaha (I was just corrected wrongly from works > work). But it is OK I can live with it as other grammatical corrections are handy :slight_smile:

Thanks a million, you my hero :slight_smile: sorry it was years ago, but I was not there for long as gave up LT (I was wrong) now fully back on it :slight_smile:

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