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Create an e-mail adresse available on each language portal community

Firstly I’m really happy to say that I have finished my master thesis on the capacity of LT to correct the Breton’s mutations.
I received the “grade A pass” for my work, with 18/20.

As a conclusion I have written in my master thesis that it could be a good thing that an e-mail could be created for each community and should be displayed on each LanguageTool portal community, like that users could send in an easier way observations on LT, mistakes that the existing rules couldn’t fix.

I think that some users are a bit “afraid/doesn’t have time” to create an account on this forum, maybe it could be a way to see more users participating?

For example for Breton:
What do you think?

While this can be indeed useful for those who aren’t really following everything happening in LanguageTool, i instead think that this won’t make that much of a difference, compared to following our Github project, and having all the modifications and conversation being updated there.

@Dominique_PELLE did you change your e-mail address?
I will create a gmail e-mail address and I will create a google drive for apply the methodology I’ve developed during my 3 years studies on LT and the breton’s mutations.

I like the idea of an email address, since Github is a nuisance for non-programmers. By using programmer’s tools mostly, we are excluding lots of users.

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