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I see Danish is currently unmaintained. I have been working with the Danisch spellchecker for some time now, and though I am not Danish, my feeling is that spellchecker is far too tolerant as well as missing lots of words that are common and accepted by Danish dictionaries.

What is the actual use of Danish LT in downloads and/or site use?

Only 0,03% of text check requests are for Danish.

Then I will not bother.

I understand and I’d argue the same way. But this puts us in a deadlock: support for language not good enough -> no users -> no developers because there are no users -> support doesn’t get better. Maybe we should just hide these languages on

BTW, these languages have even fewer requests than Danish: Slovenian, Tagalog, Galician, Asturian, Persian, Khmer

Since Galician has no active maintainer, I don’t mind taking on that role.
Obviously, I won’t be as active on Galician as on Portuguese, but I can improve it significantly over time.

Sure! Feel free to just start and add yourself as a maintainer to Maybe creating would be a good start?

To be clear: my argument is incomplete, as I don’t have any real knowledge about Danish. I could only enhance the spell checking part of it.
I will have to redo the Hunspell spellchecker anyway, for my own use.

Low use does not mean that status is bad. Language don’t change that fast. But it is a problem of course.
Issue is it is a lot of work, and people doing many ours without any payment are rare. It has to be a hobby.

And again… I think it all became too complex. I am an IT guy, and know my way around, but when it comes to programming, it is just not my cup of java. java+ecplipse+git+maven++++++, it is just too large a set of build up, get to know.
I would like to plea for a less programming oriented interface between language specialists and the tool.

That is a nice place to start. Later this week I will check it out. I will add myself to maintainers, after some work has been done.

You can usually do a lot by editing grammar.xml and running If you need to touch the code, there’s really no way around Java, git, and maven. We could only replace these tools with other tools in order to have different problems.

There is more than enough well-paid work for programmers. Much less so for writers, editors and language enthousiasts.
So if we could give them a way to connect…

Maybe just by improving sentences we offer, to train our ‘AI’. Or by flagging suggestions as false or true positive etc.
Or maybe even by supplying us with uncorrected as well as corrected texts…

I plan to look into Norwegian, and will probably also do some followup on the other Scandinavian languages. For now I’m mostly just trying to figure out how this beast work.

Yesterday I added the Galician language to the regression tests here:

However the regression tests page hasn’t changed. Can you verify this situation?

P.S. - Looking at that file, I see that some languages are not being worked for a while. It would be efficient to temporarily remove them from daily regression tests, until further work is done on them.

One of my two native languages is Danish. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time, but I could maybe do some double checking of changes others propose if there is such a role? I also know Norwegian/bokmål, and although not a native Norwegian-speaker, I can possibly be of help to double-check that changes to Norwegian don’t go in the Danish dictionary in those cases where the two languages actually differ.

That’s because the file doesn’t auto-update on the server, I’ve updated it manually. The next run tonight should do something.

Makes sense. Many thanks.

The Danish page does not exist.
If @dnaber is ok with it I can also create a page for Danish, using automatic translation. You will need to correct and validate just the webpage and give feedback, so it looks good.

Ok, sure, I can check the language.

Sure, go ahead.

Pushed moments ago the translation. This time the page is taking a lot to update, but if it doesn’t need manual update, it should be up in a few minutes.
Please review because the translation is incomplete (e.g. Breton and Asturian).