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Das Komposita-Problem im Deutschen

Seit langem schleppen wir das Problem mit uns herum, dass LT nicht alle Komposita erkennt. Leider schlägt es dann genau das falsche vor z.B. zu "Visumsvergabe: “Visums Vergabe”. Wie kann man das Problem am besten lösen? Ich habe unter ein Issue angelegt, Ideen sind dort (oder auch hier) willkommen.

It would be easy enough to allow all theoretically correct compounds. But that will also allow for compounds that are a typo or other mistake of a different word.

When allowing all theoretical compounds, it could help to warn for possible confusions or low frequencies. E.g. ‘this is a word that could be correct, but could also be a mistake of …’, which is just the same as spell checking does.

Somehow, users think thecred underline means the word is incorrect, but that is not always true.
That is why I suggested to use several levels of spelling errors, with different messages.
1 known to be not the official spelling
2 not a word in our dictionary
3 could be correct, but possibly a mistake.