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[DE] "Dieser Satz ist zu lang - mehr als 40 Worte"

There is a new type of error detection in German in lilac colour (sentences more than 40 words long) which is not very useful as this happens a lot in German or sometimes sections without full stops are recognized as big sentences. The problem is that when you choose to ignore the error, then the sentence is not being checked for grammar or typos anymore.

I got pretty much the same feedback via Facebook:

Hello since on week you Tools is not really usable for the German language, it says all time the sentence is too long! And not show the errors if we not make the sentences shorter! But this is not possible, so I can’t use it anymore for German it isn’t anymore a good tool

I agree with this! A major problem is that the long-sentence-rule seems to mask other problems which seem to more critical.

Thanks for the feedback - how are you using LT, as a browser add-on? Or directly on For now, I’ve turned off the sentence length check until this is solved (will be online later today).

Thank you. I use it directly on