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[de] German spelling update

(Daniel Naber) #1

There has been a small update to the official German spelling ( I’ve already removed one rule (“Frohes Neues Jahr” isn’t incorrect anymore), added the new words, and removed some words not accepted anymore. If anyone wants to have a closer look, please feel free.

(Jan Schreiber) #2

Thanks for the heads-up, I wasn’t even aware that yet another reform was underway. Interestingly, this is another partial rollback of the less popular changes from 1996 (such as ‘Majonäse’ and ‘Ketschup’).
Notes to self: Update my wordlist, check if compounds work as expected (e.g. ‘Knoblauchmayonnaise’, ‘Curryketchup’).
§ 2.2 probably means more exceptions (and more work) for us: „der goldene/Goldene Schnitt“ (Mathematik), „der neue/Neue Markt“ (Wirtschaft).

(Jan Schreiber) #3

german.dic and hunspell_words.txt (the Hunspell delta) have been updated.

(Michael) #4

Suggestions don’t seem to work correctly, at least not for “Majonäse”.

(Jan Schreiber) #5

Good catch, thanks. “Ketschup.” has the same problem. Both work better if the period is deleted. Once again punctuation seems to influence the suggestions in unexpected ways.
One of the reasons for this very strange issue is that there are two separate dictionaries for checking and suggesting.

(Jan Schreiber) #6

I’ve added a partial fix, so at least “Mayonnaise” will show up in the suggestions tomorrow, but I cant fix the core problem.

(Daniel Naber) #7

Thanks for the report, I’ve added a workaround for that.