[de] Spellcheck suggestions for "Inneremedizin"?

Every now and then, we receive spell-check suggestions from users that look like this (real examples):

  • Betrieblicheausbildung
  • Inneremedizin
  • Sprachlichegestaltung
  • Persönlichensicherheit

As of now, we do not offer reasonable suggestions.

The obvious common feature IMO is that those examples are orthographically perfect, disregarding word boundaries and capitalization. Also, they are composed of an adjective and a noun, in that order.

I wonder if we can suggest “innere Medizin” etc. in the spellchecker.

I’ve pushed a commit that improves this (to be online tonight). The first word will not be lowercased, though.

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I tested the new version with a few examples and it works even better than I expected. I didn’t notice any unwanted suggestions. Great work!