Decline in quality?

I mostly use LanguageTool with English and Polish.

I don’t expect it to be great in Polish. However, in both languages I’ve noticed I’ve been increasingly unhappy with provided feedback.

The power of LanguageTool for me is in its grammar and style suggestions. This is why I always run it in picky mode. That said, lately I’ve been confused about why it makes some suggestions.

Sadly, I haven’t been documenting examples of my confusion. Despite this, I’d like to ask if anyone shares my sentiments and whether there have been major revisions to how the tool works?

Off the top of my head I can recall LanguageTool not fully understanding the difference between ‘who’ and ‘whom’. There have also been times when it suggested using words which are written similarly but mean entirely different things, with LT’s suggestion making no sense in the sentence. Just yesterday, it wanted me to correct “ally” with “alley”. The kind of stuff you might see when using any random correction tool.

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We’re constantly extending LT - this can also lead to false alarms, unfortunately. If you could provide full examples (i.e. the complete sentence that’s affected), we’ll try to improve those cases.