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Default rules can't detect a simple sentence

I tried to test the library for a simple sentence like “Entrepenures is doin great.” I first tried the form on the and that was able to detect two errors in this sentence. Then I just tried to do it from Swagger API with:
text = “!/default/post_check
language = ‘en’
and left the rest as default.

And the ‘matches’ key in the response was empty. I can see there are some options available to specify different rule IDs to apply but can’t find a document to give me some directions as to which rules should be the default ones for most applications.

Could someone help me out with this? I think I want to see if I can match the results of the Swagger API with the one on the Language Tool website.

Thank you.

You need to use en-US, en-GB or something like that.

Thank you Daniel. I just set it to the first value recommended in the Swagger doc "A language code like en or en-US, or auto to guess the language automatically ".

I set it to ‘en-US’ and it worked.