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Delete + copy / paste issues

i found 2 bugs.

  1. when i open the tool on windows and see on the left side e.g. 5 texts and i make a right click with the mouse, the “delete” option does not work. nothing happens. i have to go always to the top right, click the 3 dots and then delete.

  2. whenever i use the copy / paste option, there will be a letter “c” created.
    e.g. i open outlook, write 1 sentence, mark it, strg + q, so it deletes the tex, puts a “c”, opens the languagetool app and enters the text for correction.
    the “c” must be a bug. even if i change the keyboard combination multiple times, the “c” will always appear in any program.

Hi, thanks for the report. I’ve forwarded this to our developers, they will have a look.