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Develop Bilingual Dictionaries for Spell Checking purpose

I need pro resources for French language and mostly bilingual pro resources (no mistakes).
I am willing to help develop the French language part for LanguageTool.
I am writing here since it is not possible to reach someone by a simple email link.
No active email link for both authors.
I will start studying the how to with your tools to implement my own.
I already have a list of French words (open source) but with a lot of mistakes.
I will have to correct them all.
Good luck with your company and projects.
BTW I was looking for something specific and your site landed first in Google search.
It seems that I need to come here more often and (maybe) I will be able to develop
that French spell checker.
The problem: no valuable French resource and mostly no bilingual resources.
When there is a valuable resource, it is expensive.

There’s an email link at, which is linked as “Contact” from the homepage. But this forum is the right place anyway. We’re looking forward to French contributions, let us know if you have any questions.

There are parallel corpora from EU parliament. You coul try to find those.