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Developing LT in C++


I’m asked to develop CorrectionTool in my company.

While researching, I’m very impressed by LanguageTool.

But, I have to develop Tool in C++ because of company’s various circumstances.

So I want to ask how to develop CorrectionTool efficiently.

I mean,

Analyzing LT Core Source -> Making C++ Source like LanguageTool. ( I am going to make core only.)

Isn’t there a better way to do this?

It is very hard to know where to start.

Please answer me if you know .

The easiest is probably to use LT as a server and send HTTP requests to it and parse the JSON you get back. If that’s not possible, your best bet is probably to google something like “use Java from C++”, independent of LT. I think there are hardly any C++ experts on this forum.