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Dictionary file creation from hunspell dic and aff

Dear Team,
In my organization, We are using hunspell for spellcheck and we have our own collection of data.
Now we trying LT, and we can add addition words in spelling.txt
But our requirement clear, we have to run spell check with our own data, not with addition words
Please guide me for creating dict from dic and aff with freq
and how to include in java rule
Thank you,
Arun Pradeepan B

See our documentation:

But for English you need to use scripts like this:
for en_GB:

for en_US:

These scripts provide an additional stage of processing - tokenization English words and remove some word forms like “isn’t” that are processed LanguageTool internally.

Thanks for your support, where can I get the “unmunch”?

“unmunch” is a part of hunspell.