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DID_BASEFORM rule can be improved

(Kumara) #1

The relevant rule id is DID_BASEFORM.

The part to amend is here:
<token skip="1" regexp="yes" postag="MD|VBD" postag_regexp="yes">did|will|could|can|should|would|does|ll</token>

I think the “ll” at the end is a typo. Anyway…
<token skip="1" regexp="yes" postag="MD|VBD" postag_regexp="yes">did|will|could|can|should|would|does|shall|cannot|might|may</token>

(Mike Unwalla) #2

Added to my task list.

(Daniel Naber) #3

Thanks, I’ve added those words. ll isn’t a typo, it’s used to match the contraction in e.g. we'll.