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Disable morfologik spell check in LT server for Texstudio

Hi I am using Texstudio with standalone LT server on Ubuntu.

I have been trying to remove the duplicate dictionary check from LT. Texstudio by default uses Hunspell and I have been adding new words before I installed LT.

I include the --config option to the HTTPServer with the following property file content.

# disable spell check

It is not working, the above rule is still popping up for words that were added to Hunspell. Can someone tell me what I missed?

Thank you,

disabledRules is not an option in the properties file. It needs to be set as parameter by the software that calls LT via HTTP. I’m not sure if there’s a solution for your issue other than TeXstudio adding this feature. You could try to assign just en as a language - if LT gets en (instead of e.g. en-US), it won’t run the spell check.

Thanks @dnaber, I will let the Texstudio devs sort this out before I try again. It’s not a show stopper.