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Disable spelling mistake when hyphenated adjectives?

I write software documentation, so the text often contains compound adjectives connected with a hyphen (for example, three-step publication, content-related changes, web-based editing process). As far as I know, this usage of hyphens is allowed in English.
Unfortunately, I get “Possible spelling mistake found” four such adjectives because Hunspell or LanguageTool does not know these words (and I would not expect them to know these words).

Is it possible to deactivate this check or to split the adjectives at the hyphen or is something else sensible?

I also think we should split at the hyphen before spell checking the words, but I’ll first ask on the mailing list what native speakers think about this. For now, there’s no way yet to disable this part of the rule.

Well, not everybody from the dev team is happy with just allowing any combination of hyphenated words. It’s on my TODO list to find a better solution, like maybe accept only - and -step or so.

Starting with tomorrows snapshot, English will accept words with hyphens, like “web-based”.